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For Candidates

Your career is something that I take very personally.

Helping you find a special place is something that requires me to get to know you. There’s a process, a specific methodology that I take each and every candidate through.

Understanding your career goals go hand in hand with understanding your life goals. My approach is very thorough and comprehensive. Before placing you it is my job to connect with your core values and to, at times, challenge you to ensure the best possible journey for your career.

Here are a few tips I’ve put together to help you prepare for your next position.

Exit Strategies

Plan your departure thoughtfully and carefully. Think about the timing and manner in which you resign. Preserve relationships – do not burn bridges. Be thankful and gracious for the opportunities you have been given.


Thoroughly research the organization you are meeting with. Arrive 5 minutes early and wear business attire. Be respectful and consistent with everyone you meet-including all attorneys and staff members. Never disparage a previous employer. Be understated, confident, and polite. Humility goes a long way. Let your interviewer set the pace. Follow up with a thank-you email.

Do Not Posture

If this is a position you truly want, let your enthusiasm be known.

Working with Others

Meet face-to-face. Ask for advice and feedback. Be truthful about your “wish list” and goals.

Helpful Resources

How to Nail Your Follow Up Interview

Carrot Peelers, Sales, Personality and Your Job Search By Harrison Barnes

Howrey’s Bankruptcy and Big Law Firms’ Small Future By Paul M. Barrett

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